Annot Tournament Reunion!

Thankfully, the Annot Tournament 2018 was a great success! It was wonderful to play a tournament in Annot with all the local players. We had seven teams from Texas (more or less) versus seven teams made up of the local Annot players! Thanks to everyone who made the event a happy success!!!

To celebrate we have decided to have a reunion event so we can get together again to reminisce! The plans are evolving, but this is what we know so far...

Who: People who participated in the Annot tournament plus anyone else who was not able to go.

What: ​Some sort of pot-luck party/dinner thing with some way to see pictures people took in Annot. There will probably be some pétanque involved.

When: The reunion is scheduled for Saturday November 2, 2019. It will probably start in the afternoon and continue into the evening. There will be a Legation Boules Club tournament on Sunday November 3, 2019.

Where: The reunion will probably be at Jeff and Marion's house, in Austin, Texas where we can have dinner and play pétanque.

Save the date of Saturday November 2, 2019!


​This website will be the place where we will post updates of our plans. We are leaving the rest of the original website intact for now because it still has a lot of good reference information on Annot.

​Annot Tournament 2018

On September 15, 2018, petanque players from around Austin, Texas are invited to visit the little village of Annot, France to play a tournament with the locals. ​

Annot (pronounced An-not) is located in the beautiful foothills of the alps near Nice, France.

This site is being provided to make it easy to find all the information you need to participate in the tournament and plan your trip. (all spaces are now filled)

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