Paella Lunch Sunday 16th

On Sunday the 16th, the day after the tournament, Jeff and Marion plan to have a paella lunch at the place du Coulet. Everyone is invited to stop by and join in. We already have paella pans and a gas burner system in place.

Things will be pretty casual and informal. We will do our best to make a good dish with whatever we can find in the village, so we may not have all the most fancy ingredients.

​If you plan to participate please let us know by sending us a message through the Contact page so we have an idea of how much paella to make. Thank you!

Friday 14th Meet and Greet

From 5 to 7 PM on Friday the 14th, the evening before the tournament, we are inviting all the players and supporters from Austin and Annot to get together for a "Meet and Greet" with some cocktails (apéritifs in French) and snacks at the little courtyard in the middle of the old part of the village — la place du Coulet.

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Tournament Details

Lunch at the place du Coulet

​We have some news from Annot about the tournament details. We have been communicating with the mayor of Annot ​and he has responded with his view of the situation.

​The following is a translation of the Mayor's response to our questions.

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Tournament Medals

​Check out the medals for the tournament! I couldn't face dealing with other people to get it done so I made them myself. I like them, ha ha! Maybe some will return to the USA???

​Don't forget to let us know if you are interested in the group dinner. The information is at the Tournament Group Dinner blog post.

Tournament Group Dinner

Note! The information below is from the 2018 tournament. We may do something similar for the 2023 tournament.

After the tournament on September 15th we will have a group dinner at the Hôtel Beauséjour, which is right across from the petanque terrain. Since we will have 40 to 45 people, the restaurant needs to know if YOU are coming and what YOUR MENU CHOICE will be by September 6th.


If you would like to join us for the dinner, ACTION IS REQUIRED! It is very important that you use the Contact page to let us know if you want to participate and what your menu choice is by September 6th!

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Events Timeline

​Events Timeline

​​This post is to coordinate group activities like day trips, dinners at restaurants, and perhaps renting a space where we can have potluck meals. It is a day-by-day listing of various possibilities. 

You can participate in the planning process by adding comments below and by letting us know when you will be available.  Use the Contact page to send us the dates you are available and we will add them to Calendar on the Resources​ page.

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July 13th, 2018 Update

Hello P​étanque Buddies,

Plans continue to shape up for the tournament. Starting to get excited! Here’s the latest news.

​18 people from Texas are planning to participate in the tournament. You can see the current list of participants on the FAQ page. We expect a few more “friends and family” who live in France to be added over time. We will be playing triplets: ​Seven U.S.A. teams against ​seven ​French teams.

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