Souvenir Art Poster

​I created an art poster as a souvenir of the Annot Tournament 2018. It is a totally original design incorporating the French and Texas flags. The dimensions are 12 by 18 inches.


I personally print each one on good quality acid free paper using the linocut block printing technique. Every print is a unique work of art as the inking process always causes the variations you see in the results. I chose to use the block printing technique to emphasize the slightly primitive feel of authentic handmade technique. I am very happy with the results. Hope you like them too!

I plan to print a small edition of the posters with each one numbered and signed. I hope to have some available in Annot ​and I will keep some here in Austin so you won't have to travel with them. The price is $20 dollars. Please let me know if ​you would like me to print one for you by sending me a note through the Contact page.