August 11th, 2018 Update

​Hello Petanque Buddies,

​We now have 21 people for the USA! That means we will have seven USA teams who will be playing triplettes against seven teams from Annot. ​


​USA Teams
  • 1
    Kathy Ragan + Gary Ragan + Nolan Cheatham
  • 2
    Walt Elder + Estefi Mochón + Mary Margaret Burnette
  • 3
    Julie + Laurent + Yannis
  • 4
    Jeff Brown + Marion Peyre + Menzina Churchman
  • 5
    Marion Bermondy + Cheryl McRae + Rudy Vallée
  • 6
    Peter Gray + Mary Stratton + Ed Priest
  • 7
    Mike Klein + Kelly Brown + Tommy Woods 
Phone Numbers

It will be good if we have each others phone numbers. Please send us the phone number you will be using via the Contact page and we will add it to the FAQ page.​ You may want to add them to your own contacts.

Dates in Annot

Send us the dates you will be in Annot via the Contact page so we can organize outings, greet people when they arrive, etc. If your dates are not on the Calendar​ it means we don’t have them yet.​

We are looking forward to this event! It’s only one month away, folks!!