July 13th, 2018 Update

Hello P​étanque Buddies,

Plans continue to shape up for the tournament. Starting to get excited! Here’s the latest news.

​18 people from Texas are planning to participate in the tournament. You can see the current list of participants on the FAQ page. We expect a few more “friends and family” who live in France to be added over time. We will be playing triplets: ​Seven U.S.A. teams against ​seven ​French teams.


​We added another hotel, the Hotel de L’Avenue, to the Resources page. It’s a nice place, has a restaurant, and is very close to the center of the village. They have a nice website that is in French, but the Google Chrome browser does a good job of translating it in to English.

Unfortunately, the Activity Center we were planning on renting has already been reserved. We will work on finding an alternative place to do stuff.

We will not be sending any more notices out to the petanque club mailing lists, so if you know anyone who is interested in participating, please direct them to the texaspetanque.com site.


Jeff and Marion