New Resource Page

​Hello Petanque Buddies!

We are starting to fill in the details of the tournament and create a resource page with information about things to see and do around Annot. We know some folks will be eager to get plane tickets and make plans in the near future even though the tournament is about seven months away at this point.


Feel free to look through the FAQ page and let us know if you have any suggestions on the overall organization of the tournament. You can add comments to this blog post to start a discussion.

Fortunately, we had a meeting with the Mayor of Annot and he is very eager to help us put on the show. They have a lot of experience so that should help. 

A fundamental idea is that Jeff and Marion are planning to be in Annot about a week before the tournament to organize things. This week before the tournament may also be a time when people from Texas want to hang out in Annot, practice on the terrain and see the sights.

​Here is a link to the new Resources page.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Hey Jeff, nice website!! Kelly and I are very excited to be able to travel to your second home in Annot. Soooo, we can sleep on your sofa????? : )

    • Hi Mike and Kelly! So glad you are planning to come to the tournament! I wish we had a place big enough for our Texas buddies but we just don’t have enough room. We expect to be hosting our French family members. We will be adding nice places to stay on the Resources page.

  • Great website, Jeff. Merci! We’re in — and SOOO looking forward to this trip. Hoping to see a lot of Austin petanquers in Annot! Great wine, great food, great friends – great party!

    • Thanks Kathy. Let us know what you think we should add to the Resources page. (I had a list of things but lost my notes. Had to start from scratch.) I know there are some B&Bs that I need to include…

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