​Here are some helpful resources to help you learn about places to see around Annot. We will be adding to this list as time goes by.


We have a new blog post with More Attractions Near Annot and Nice.

A Great Travel Guide

If you wish to buy a guide of Provence, we strongly recommend the DK Eye Witness travel book Provence & Côte d’Azur. You will really get more out of your trip if you do a little homework with this great little guide.

​Annot Tourist Office

​The Annot Tourist Office has a great new site, available in French and English, with all kinds of information about Annot and local events. ​You can learn about the hiking trails, rock climbing, the Train des Pignes, local food, and places to stay. ​​One of the best places to look for accommodations ​on the Annot Tourist Office site is by clicking on ​"Your Stay" in the top menu, then on "accomodations."

​Nearby Attractions

​The ​village of Entrevaux is an amazing place that makes a great day trip from Annot. It is easy to get there by car or the Train des Pignes. It's great to go for lunch at a restaurant where you can sit and look at the ​citadel.

The ​town of Digne-les-Bains, famous for its spas,  is another place that can be reached by car or by the Train des Pignes. In fact it is the end of the line. The train is especially nice because it lets you relax and take in the truly amazing mountain landscape.

​The Gorges du Verdon, or Verdon Gorge, is the Grand ​Canyon of France. It is renowned as one of the most beautiful canyons in Europe and is about 60 kilometers from Annot.

​Of course, Nice is the nearest big city to Annot and is about 8​0 kilometers away. It is common to go through Nice on the way to Annot. Nice hosts the international airport Nice-Côte d'Azur. The Train des Pignes starts in Nice and passes through Entrevaux on the way to Annot.  Most people will probably want to spend at least a couple of days in Nice while they are in the area to check out the Vieille Ville (Old Town) shops and walk along the Promenade des Anglais. There are some pretty nice restaurants there too!


For those of you who are planning to explore other parts of France, Jeff and Marion recommend you contact Escapades Occitanes​ ​in the Occitanie region. The agency offers day excursions as well as longer tours around the town of Narbonne, which is located about midway between Montpellier and Toulouse. Our good friend Sev Champeny is co-owner and tour coordinator, and she can create and organize custom excursions, including wine tours​ for small groups of English-speaking travelers. There is a lot of information on the website at The website is in French, but if you use the Google Chrome browser it does a good job of translating. For inquiries, you can write to


​There is a cool little campground in Annot called Camping La Ribière. (Website is available in English.) This place is pretty nice with all sorts of different options. ​The campground is beside the river, and is about 1 Km — an easy walk​ — from the center of Annot. A bonus is that the local grocery store is practically across the street.

Le Pre Martin

​In the center of Annot you can find ​Le Pr​é Martin. The website has a lot of good pictures and information. (The Google Chrome browser does a nice job of translating.) The place is a cute collection of cabins.  

​Hotel de L' Avenue

​The Hotel de L’ Avenue is a nice place, has a restaurant, and is very close to the center of the village. The have a nice website that is in French, but the Google Chrome browser does a good job of translating it in to English.

​Bed and Breakfast

The Chambre d'hôtes St Vincent de Paul-Annot is right in the center of the village. We don't know much about it but it looks pretty cool.

Furnished Rentals

The Annot Tourist Office has a nice list of Furnished Rentals available. I can tell you that our place, Le Coulet, is listed there and will not be available for the tournament.


​Other rentals are available through Airbnb.

Make Time for Nice

From our experience going to Annot, we strongly recommend you make time to stay a few days in Nice. Also, if you need to catch a plane or a train, keep in mind that Annot is a couple of hours away from Nice. It is a good idea to plan ahead and maybe spend a night in Nice at the beginning and/or a the end of your stay, based on your travel plans.

Group Activities

​While we are in the Annot area, we intend to keep busy with casual fields trips and hikes (for those who feel like it).

Also, there is a community center that we intent to rent for the tournament weekend. It has kitchen facilities and a stage and will be a nice gathering spot for potluck dinners and other events.

​Weather Information

​There is a weather information site for Annot, in French, if you are interested in the details of the Annot climate.